Wednesday, 8 April 2015


This blog represents an attempt to make available online, the whole of my practice-based PhD.

The Safe Cigarette: Visual Strategies of Reassurance in American Advertisements for Cigarettes - 1945-1964
Dr Jackie Batey

This site has links to all the written and practical elements that made up the entire submission, completed in 2003. I have also included some working visuals to show my methodology when creating the artist's books. This Practice-Based Ph.D. was created in two sections, the written element presented as a sequence of eight Fascicles (a thematic volume as a standalone artist's book), and the practical element presented as an inter-related set of nine Artist’s Books and Multiples. They were all packaged together and submitted to the University as a boxed object, bound in blue. I created this boxed-object thesis as an edition of three, but many of the artist's books have since formed the basis of my post-doctoral practice Damp Flat Books. The actual boxed object can be handled in St.Peter's House Library, Brighton.

Fascicle Eight: Glossary, References and Appendices

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Fascicle Zero: Before Everything Else

The written element was presented as a sequence of Fascicles (individually published sections of a book). These books were housed in a tin that also contained my nine artist's books and multiples.
The thesis was submitted as a boxed object.
One copy is housed in St.Peter's House Library in Brighton.

Fascicle Zero printed on 130g cartridge paper.
297mm x 210mm with 16 pages.
Single section sewn with a heavy orange card cover made from stationery folders.
The book is inkjet printed with archival inks.
Limited edition of 3, Brighton 2003

Fascicle Seven: Conclusion

Fascicle Six: Technology as Reassurance - the Filter-Tip